Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Carmo Avant Chanel, Lafayette, Rita Sargo & DbyDinoGonçalves...here are some fashion friends of mine!

"You will be judged by the company you keep"...in that case i hope people see that this "fashion world" is not just full of bitchie persons and snob people. Of course there are!!! But Thank God you also find so good people who loved the superficiality of the Fashion business but they are not superficial.
Here are some very good friends of mine who belong to the Fashion World (here in Portugal and in some cases also outside of Portugal) and have help me giving me new points of view, tips of beauty and how i must really live Fashion.

- Soraia do Carmo; i met her last september and before that common friends used to say that she is a totally fashion girl who i will love to know her because we have several things in common...well it was truth, since that day we both talk some much about trends, our blogs, fashion events (She was the whole time with me in the last Moda Lisboa) and support each other in every achievements. That´s why i´m so proud of her when she was invited to be in the 100 edition of Portuguese Vogue. Look how posh she is in the picture! Perfect.
(She is the one on the right of the picture)

Soraia do Carmo has got the privilege to be considered as one of the best fashion bloggers of Portugal.
Carmo avant Chanel is the name of her blog and was the first fashion blog i followed.

Mónica Lafayette; Met this crazysexycool girl last october, i was in a Cocktail Party where was the presentation of this tv show called AfroFama where Lafayette was the responsable of the styling. Then i decided to introduce myself and tell her that it was very nice to met her and what an amazing stylist she is.
Since there, and because my father is the fashion designer responsable to dress the host of AfroFama. Mónica and I had work a few times together, we put several outfits for the show. Everytime i see her, is a fashion surprise! She rocks! She is very inspirational! A Truthly Trendsetter!
One of the highlights of her career is the Nike Advertisiment, where she stand, as a model, next to Cristiano Ronaldo for the campaign "Defende As Tuas Cores"(Defend Your Colours) to World Championship of Football.

Nowdays, you find Lafayette work in MTV Portugal, TV Show Afrofama, Photoshoots of several fashion magazines and TV ads. She also has her own blog.

Rita Sargo: A previous post that i dedicated to Lady Gaga, i had promess to tell a little bit more of who was Rita Sargo and how she was involved in the Fashion business. Well Rita Sargo is a famous female bodybuilder, model and dancer. She has more than 10 years experience as a Model.
The coolest thing of Rita Sargo is that altough her body full of muscles, she is very feminine and sexy.
And i get really  impressed whit her sense of fashion, very stylish!!!
Sargo has her own website where you can see all her photos as a model (she is a muse to the  fashion photographers DDiarte) and videos as a bodybuilder (she has participate in so many competitions and in 2009 she has won the Atlas Cup IFBB 2009).
Check it out: http://www.ritasargo.com/

(She is so sweet and very nice person, i love to meet her!!!)

Last but not least, Dino Gonçalves: he is a totally creative person. Painter, Architec, Decorator and Stylist.
We meet last november before going to the HUGO BOSS PARTY with some common friends.
As soon they introduce us, i was in love by his style...very elegant but totally original.
He mixes so many things and the result is always fabolous!!!
Very Fashion Person!
Of course he is also has his blog/website called dbydinogoncalves.
Dino always participates @ Casa Decor in Lisbon. The last edition, Dino has decorated a bathroom kind like a SPA thing and he put a real person half naked getting a massage alive!!! He loves to be controversal!!
I was there to salute him in the opening of the last edition of Casa Decor. Here are the pictures.

(it was really nice to meet you honey!)

Well hope you guys have enjoyed to meet some friends of mine!!! See you soon!!


  1. Didn't know that you have a blog! Nice one =)
    You should meet gaga =D
    kisses and a big good luck =)

  2. que amor!!!!obrigada pelas palavras honey!!fiquei comovida com o teu carinho! :))) beijinhooo my lovely fashionista